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Xiaowen Music 

Founded in 1989, Xiaowen Music Education established its roots in Wenzhou, China. Under the banner of giving children “Basic Comprehensive Music
Education,” Xiaowen Music was an innovator in the education field. Forwarded 28 years, Xiaowen Music has moved its headquarters to Shanghai with 
chain locations across all of China.
For 30 years, Xiaowen Music has unwarverd in its mission to maintain its education quality through “Xiaowen Music Education Materials.” Not only 
does our education materials enriches your child’s mechanical ability of playing piano and keyboard, but also focuses on the fundamentals to enable
a well-rounded, all-encompassing music education.
Our education model is split into two different class types: Basic Comprehension Class & Skill Enhancement Class. We focus on oral and listening 
skills, ensemble training, finger exercises, keyboard harmonies, basic music theory, music performance, and music appreciation. Basic Comprehension
Class uses the keyboard as a tool for initial music learning. Skill Enhancement Class uses either double keyboard, piano, or vocal to give a 
specialized, high level comprehensive music education. By emphasizing on the points above, we are able to surpass individual piano lessons and our competitors
because they are not able to fit all these musical elements into one class.

Vocal Music

Children learn to listen and imitate sounds, building the discrimination needed to differentiate. The understanding of tone color, rhythm, melody, 
pitch matching, as well as sense of pitch (high/low) all furnish the foundation of later work in the technicality of music composition and 
expression. Understanding of language, music knowledge, love of singing, harmonious movement, interest for music, and influencing the sensitivity 
through various music genres are all part Vocal music gives students the experience in the study and performance of a diverse repertoire of 
vocal/choral music. The class includes instruction in proper vocal technique, musicianship skills, and the cultural and historical context of 
choral literature. Students learn to read and perform from printed music. In addition to daily choral singing, students reinforce vocabulary to the
elements of music. Students are exposed to a variety of music styles, and singing in a multitude of languages.

Instrumental Music

In our Music Classes, students are taught to read complex rhythms, use correct articulation techniques, and proper phrasing, and to play Piano and 
other instruments using correct physical posture. Students build on their understanding of music theory and terminology, and they use dynamics to
make their music more interesting. Eventually, they are able to play from sheet music rather than just the band book, and they can read more 
sophisticated music, including sixteenth notes, dotted notes, and syncopation.

Students are taught to play melodies and accompaniments from a diverse repertoire of music from diverse cultures, and they can improvise simple 
rhythmic and melodic patterns with their instruments. They are able to critique musical performances with specific criteria and understand what 
makes a performance a work of art.