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Shenmo Mental Math (Abacus)

Shenmo Mental Mathematics is a short name from the formal name of Shenmo Abacus Calculation and Mental Mathematics, which is also called Abacus and Brain Rapid Calculation. Its function is to translate Arabic numbers into Abacus beads in the brain and follow the rules of Abacas Calculation to complete different calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  One of the most obvious features is that Mental Mathematics has perfectly combined Chinese traditional abacus calculation and figurative memory to get the calculation outcome based on brain pictures (playing abacus in your mind). The calculation speed has been proven to compete with computers. Abacus Calculation and Mental Mathematics, based on the traditional abacus calculation has been a revolution in the abacus history. It explores the abacus’s new functions while developing intelligence for education purposes. Mental Mathematics is a good way to explore human being’s potentials and train children to gain the abilities of quick reaction.

Four benefits of Mental Mathematics:

1. Both the left and right sides of brain can be developed in balance because of using both hands to use an abacus.

2. The abilities of observation, memorizing, imagination, thinking and concentration can be effectively trained because of involvement of eyes, ears, hands and the brain at the same time.

3. To develop good learning habits: either quiet or active.

4. Dramatically improve children’s calculating abilities.