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Master Ma

Grand Master Ma JinLong


Martial arts master Ma Jinlong is from china, where he was widely recognized and highly respected as a grand master of Chinese Martial arts. Chinese Martial arts , known as “Kung Fu” in the west, or “Wushu” in the East is a wide field of many different skills combined, from basic moves and kicks to the usage of staves, swords and many exotic styles.

He started practicing Kung fu/Wushu in China at age 7. He says that his whole life is Kung fu, that he has traveled all of China studying nearly every aspect of Chinese martial arts with numerous renowned masters such as Yu Cheng Hui and Yu Hai.

He teaches Traditional Kung fu, Modern Wushu, Shaolin Quan, Wudang, Nanquan, Bagua, Xingyi, Monkey, Mantis, Qin Na (Joint-Locking), Shuaijiao (wrestling), Sanshou (fighting techniques), self defenses, multiple weapons and Taiji.

Master Ma is an experienced Martial Arts Master, and was the winner of numerous gold medals in many national and international martial art tournaments and championships. Among these honors are;

Two times champions of Praying Mantis Fist and 9-section whip in 1984 and 1988 China National Martial Arts Championships. Gold Medal of Kung Fu in 1997 International Cup Kung Fu Tournament.

He became China Fist Class Wushu Artist in 1987, National Outstanding Kung Fu Master in 1988. He also received the title of National First Class Wushu Judge in 1991, and China Wushu Dan :7. He has been judge for national and international competitions for many times.

Master Ma has over 16 years of experience as well known coach including the Traditional Kung fu and Modern Wushu coach of the Shan dong Wushu Team and Zibo Wushu Institute. He trained many new award-winning students in the martial arts.

Ma005He also has worked in Martial Arts movies as an actor, stuntman, fight choreographer, and stage designer, and he has traveled to such disparate places as Russia, Japan, Vietnam, and the USA to teach and perform Kung fu & Wushu.

He has more than 30 years of experience in Kung Fu, and now resides in San Diego, teaching the art of Wushu or Kung Fu to all skill levels.  Master Ma invented a basic system called the BaBu, which includes Babu fist, Babu Staff, Babu Broadsword, Babu Straightsword and Beginner Spear to build a strong foundation for all students, and gives them an easier transition to a higher level of practicing.


Though many years of practicing and exploring, Master Ma had found ways to benefit not only the external of the human body but also the internal benefits of using Chi and Energy Flow. He guides students to practice with body and mind as one.