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Coach Aoni Ma

Stage Director Coach Aoni Ma


Born and raised into a Chinese martial arts family was the starting point in Aoni Ma’s life in the world of entertainment. She officially started Kung Fu training at the age of 6 from her father Master Ma JinLong, a well-known Master in the art of Kung Fu. While watching her father working on the big screen as she was growing up, his dream soon became hers as well in becoming an action film star. Unfortunately, her father gave up film for his family, which made her more determined in living and finishing his dream. Young Aoni has set high goals of being the Next Female Action Star.

With her strong personality Aoni strived to be the best and through practice the blood, sweat, and tears did not bring this girl down. All of her efforts were paid off when she was chosen to be a member of the Pro Martial Arts China Province of Shandong at an early age. At the age of 14, she hosts the title of Three-time gold-medalist of The International Kung-fu Competition. She also adopted Chinese traditional dance and cultures from her mother. She uses the softness of Traditional dance to combine the Ying and Yang of life of being a tough but elegant young lady. When her family moved to Orlando, she performed as a dancer/martial artist in Splendid China Showcase, which started her journey as a stage entertainer.

Aoni002In high school Aoni developed a strong interest in Hip-Hop dancing and choreography. Her fluidity in body movements from many years of martial arts and Chinese dance background gave her the adaptability towards that interest. She landed her spot in the 909 Hip Hop Dance Crew in UC Riverside where she majored in the theatrical arts in preparation for her goal.
In 2007, Aoni was chosen to represent the Top 10 American Finalist to fly over to China for Jackie Chan’s “Disciple” in search of the next Action Star. This opened doors and gave her the opportunity to work as an On-Screen Fight/ Stunt Actress. When she got back into the States she was signed to Hollywood Top Agency KSR and Also DDO Talent Agency which helped her used all of her talents in Martial Arts, Dancing, and Acting to the fullest extent, With this she got the experiences such as crashing through walls, working with wires, and flying off buildings. Her abilities are limitless.